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Survey for 2006


1. go to a party?: Yeah
2. try something new?: Yeah...
3. have someone change your life?: Yeah
4. kiss someone?: Yeah
5. tell your family and friends you love them?: Yeah
6. buy something extravagant?: A car? Except my parents bought it so I guess it doesn't count
7. do something nice for you?: Probably
8. do something terribly wrong?: Yeah
9. move?: No
10. go to a concert?: Nope

best of the year:
1. party: This is a hard one..I'll just go with my 18th birthday party to make it easy
2. show: Still Family Guy
3. CD: Justin Timberlake at this point
4. movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 2
5. song: Maneater by Nelly Furtado
6. experience: Shrooms!!
7. concert: Didn't go to any
8. book: Yeah I don't think I read too many of those this year
9. month: April or May
10. day: The day I went to the strip club with KT! haha good times

worst of the year:
1. party: Any party with me and Mike fighting..wayyy too many to list
2. show: I don't watch the shows that are bad how would I know?
3. CD: That Fergie CD
4. movie: I honestly don't remember like half the movies I've seen
5. song: London Bridge - Fergie
6. experience: Like I said..getting laid..at the same time..it was the best and worst
7. concert: Didn't go to any
8. book: The Motorcycle Diaries lol
9. month: August or maybe October?
10. Day: October 14th. Day of Mike's sisters wedding.

hopes for 2006:
1. predict something that you think will happen in 2006?: I'll get good grades in college.
2. what do you hope changes about your country?: No more war
3. what do you hope for yourself?: I hope I stop dating guys that aren't worth my time.
4. what do you hope for your family?: I hope they stop hating me for the shit that just happened.
5. what do you hope for your best friend?: I hope all of them don't get too fucked up and forget what is really important in life.

during 2005:
1. where were you when it began?: Britt and Ben's house!
2. did you stay up?: Hell yeah
3. what was your new year wish?: I don't remember
4. how many boyfriends?: One..
5. broke up?: Yeah. Finally.
6. have any crushes?: I guess you could say that.
7. care to mention names?: Well I guess Ashton now since I dated Mike pretty much all of the rest of this year.
8. new friends?: Duh I started college lots of new friends, important ones would probably be Katie!
9. had to say goodbye?: More then you know.
10. missed anyone?: Yeah
11. win anything?: Nope
12. best place you went to?: New York was the only place I went..again
13. worst place you went to?: New York was the only place I went!
14. happiest moment?: A night when Mike didn't treat me like shit.
15. how was your birthday?: It was pretty good.
16. best present?: The earrings Ben gave me that I lost cuz of fucking Mike.

January: Had sex with Charlie..I don't know..that's all I remember from this month. I met Mike at the end of it.
February: Started going out with Mike.
March: I think this was when I tried shrooms with Mike. Had spring break was nothing special.
April: Had my 18th birthday which was fun as hell.
May: Shit with Mike started going bad cuz he was on coke and I tried it.
June: I graduated and the summer came and things with Mike got worse and worse and worse.
July: Things with Mike were getting even worse.
august: And this is probably where they got really fucking bad. I got my new car.
September: Started college, which was fun.
October: Mike's sisters wedding..where shit with Mike hit the fan..for the millionth time.
November: Hung out with Julian and tried X, partied a shit load over thanksgiving break.
December: Finished my first quarter in college, got a DUI, and finally finally finally broke up with Mike for good. Started hanging out with new friends.
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