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So I know I never write anymore..I just got sick of writing out everything I do. It's not that interesting. So right now I'm basically freaking out because in a few months I graduate..and it just seems like a really big step in life. It always seemed to far away and it's so close now. And with every day it's only getting closer and it's so scary. Pretty soon my summer as a teenager will be over..and just my teenage years will be over..it's so scary.

I've had so much fun over the years and it's crazy to think it'll be over soon. I miss spending time with people the way I used to. I miss caring for people the way I used to.

So for Halloween I went to a concert at Bogarts with Ben, Nate, and Lauren. It was pretty cool. It's crazy that this'll be my last Halloween in high school. Everything just seems to be a last of something. It's crazy. And I think I'm not even like enjoying it as much as I should be. I mean I didn't even go to my senior year homecoming game, or dance. But mostly I can't believe I missed the game. I've gone to every homecoming game since like at least 7th grade. I'm losing all my "childhood" friends. Well as close to childhood as they were. I mean my old friends for like 7th and 8th grade. I hardly talk to anyone from back then. Besides maybe like 5 people tops. Well I guess those are the 5 people who matter, but I still miss a lot of people I might never hang out with again, if I even talk to some of them. The sad thing is they might never even think of me. Well, I'll miss them. They have a really big part of my heart and I'll always remember them. It's scary to think I'm almost an adult. Anyway, I'm out.

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