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It's definitely too small of a world

So I decided I should finally write. I guess something happened worth writing about. So last night I was at BJ's house for a party. Anyway to make a long story shorter...here's what went down. I was talking to his sister and I found out she graduated from Milford. So of course I asked her about all the Milford kids I knew. And of course she ended up knowing them all. Then she invited this kid Mike to go to her party, who I got on at one of Ben T's parties over the summer. I hadn't seen him since then. It was really fucked up. Andy was there too. It was cool seeing him I guess, but just weird. I don't know I guess I was just really fucked up and it wigged me out.

I think I need to smoke a bowl.

I'm sick of this.
No one understands why the things that happen to me bother me so much sometimes.
And that pisses me off.
Someone out there please listen? And understand?
Yeah right.


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