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To all my friends in college right now

To all those people I've known for years..you know who you are..

So after all this time
I'm going to write another rhyme
To let you know
The things I never show
I'm going to miss you
And I hope you miss me too
It seems that this day came to fast
The days seemed long but it didn't last
I hope when you're miles away
You'll think of me every day
I hope when you make new friends
You'll remember me until the end
I know I'll never forget you
And all the things you got my through
Without you these past few years
I would have spent in a lot more tears
But you were always there
When no one else would care
I just want to thank you
For being so true
For not letting me down
When no one else was around

I know it's lame..but I had to write something about everyone going away :(
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September 2 2005, 03:58:18 UTC 12 years ago

Hey, I miss you, Maria.
..Who is this?