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First day of school and stuff

So Tuesday was the first day of school. I guess it's all right.
First block- Trig. Well I wanted to drop the class but they wouldn't let me so oh well. Teresa is in that class which is cool so it works.
Second block- Speech. Good class. A bunch of cool people. I like it.
Third/Forth- It was gym but now I finally got it switched to me being an aide for Ms.Lawler. Ben's in that class too so it's all good.
Fifth- Creative Witting, Once again lots of cool people and stuff.
Lunch is really cool too. So I guess at least first semester won't be that bad.

First football game tomorrow. Yay.

Anyway, I'm out.

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hi mer...sorry for being a fuckin bore. i made a new lj, that i promise to keep up w/. add please - missc1224