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Survey for 2005


1. go to a party?: Yeah
2. try something new?: Yeah...
3. have someone change your life?: Probably in a bad way
4. kiss someone?: Yeah
5. tell your family and friends you love them?: Yeah
6. buy something extravagant?: Uhh not really
7. do something nice for you?: Probably
8. do something terribly wrong?: Sort of
9. move?: No
10. go to a concert?: 311, and MSI

best of the year:
1. party: Well this is a hard one..probably one of the ones over the summer with those Milford kids..like one of Mark Bresser's or Ben Tempe's.
2. show: Two words..Family Guy.
3. CD: Pretty Ricky haha I don't know
4. movie: Sin City
5. song: Grind On Me by Pretty Ricky
6. experience: Uhh..getting laid ahah
7. concert: 311
8. book: One of those Gossip Girl novel books
9. month: July or August
10. day: Wow. One of the days Ann was here..that we didn't fight..those were good.

worst of the year:
1. party: Probably that hotel party...with Logan..but at the same time that party was good..
2. show: I don't even know I don't watch TV
3. CD: I don't know, I only listen to good music
4. movie: Uhh..that movie I rented with Tanya on paper view the other night..ahahaha
5. song: My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
6. experience: Like I said..getting laid..at the same time..it was the best and worst
7. concert: I only went to two and they were both good
8. book: I read like 3 books probably and they were all good. lol
9. month: Uhh..end of November/beginning of December
10. Day: Probably my birthday..because Ben had to sleep threw it.

hopes for 2006:
1. predict something that you think will happen in 2006?: I'll graduate and go to college
2. what do you hope changes about your country?: I don't really care...
3. what do you hope for yourself?: I hope I don't change into someone I really don't want to be.
4. what do you hope for your family?: I hope they are all healthy..and well..and happy and stuff
5. what do you hope for your best friend?: I hope all of them don't get too fucked up and forget what is really important in life.

during 2005:
1. where were you when it began?: In Mason with Danielle at some party
2. did you stay up?: Hell yeah
3. what was your new year wish?: I don't remember
4. how many boyfriends?: Uhh official boyfriends that asked me out..I think one..that I didn't even like..but I dated like freaking 5 million people lol
5. broke up?: I dumped him haha
6. have any crushes?: Yeah
7. care to mention names?: Ohh geez..Ben..duh..Sean Bolland, Logan Stevens, if I continue listing these off they will all be guys from Milford..but I guess those were the main two that I liked
8. new friends?: A bunch of people from Milford..and a couple other schools..
9. had to say goodbye?: Yeah..when certain people moved away.
10. missed anyone?: Hell yeah..I always miss people
11. win anything?: Not that I can recall
12. best place you went to?: New York I guess, it was like the only place I went
13. worst place you went to?: I'd say Michigan but I was really high that whole trip so it wasn't that bad but since I didn't go anywhere else that's my answer.
14. happiest moment?: Probably one of those nights with Logan were he wasn't a dick
15. how was your birthday?: Horrible, I spent most of the day crying.
16. best present?: The necklace and earrings that Ben gave me for my birthday

January: Spent a lot of time depressed over Ben or Marylou or something else stupid. Hung out with Danielle at a lot of parties. Went to OSU with Whitney for a party.
February: Spent more time being all pissed off and hating everything. I really hated school at this point.
March: The month was boring until spring break where I partied the whole time as usual. Danielle's birthday party, the party at Sheida's house..other nights being fucked up..fun SB.
April: Spring break continued to be a blast. Had my birthday which was horrible. But the next weekend Ben made it up to me and I was all on adderal and told Teddy everything on how I felt about Ben. It was crazy. Had a good 4.20 haha
May: Started being really close friends with Teddy..Zach died and all that stuff was going on with the funeral and stuff..depressing time of the year. Graduation at the end of the month was depressing since half my friends were going to leave me.
June: School got out..lots of graduation parties..I hung out with Ben and Teddy all the time..Had some interesting stuff going on with those two. lol Started hanging out with Brittany and Ashlie a little..basically just partied every night.
July: Ann came..started hanging out with Brittany all the time..met all those Milford kids..was fucked up every day like usual..4th of July was crazy. Went to NY at the end of the month..partied a little there but not too much.
august: Partied every day again until school started..actually either way I think I got fucked up every day lol Met more of the Milford kids, dated Sean...School started and things got gay cuz I hate school...Went to the 311 concert with Britt before school started
September: Started hanging out with Ashlie all the time..went out with Dan..ew..basically just partied more..that's all I do now a days..didn't go to like any school functions..I honestly don't remember much of these few months.
October: Uhh..I partied..went to the MSI concert on Halloween...I don't know what else I did..God I wish I didn't party this much so I could remember what I did.
November: This is where the fucked up shit started. I started hanging out with the Milford kids again a lot..lost my virginity on the 22nd to Logan at the hotel...it was all fucked up..but I was fucked up the whole time anyway..thanksgiving break was cool..just hung out with Milford kids all the time..
December: Things got all dramatic...I hung out with the Milford kids a lot at first and then I stopped because they are all dicks..I guess got on a lot of guys..the whole rebound thing..yeah..here I am now.
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